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Packet sniffing from Meterpreter

Following with the post chain about Meterpreter extensions, I’m going to show you how “sniffer” extension works. This module let’s you capture traffic from one network interface of the victim host and dump it to a “pcap” file on the

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Mimikatz Meterpreter extension

During a PenTest one of the main objectives of the PenTester when a Windows host is compromised is to obtain the user authentication hashes, to try pivot to other systems on the target network using the “Pass The Hash” attack.

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Post-Exploitation with “Incognito”.

Incognito is a tool used to escalate privileges inside an Active Directory domain on the post exploitation phase of a PenTest. It was born as a standalone tool, later was included in Metasploit as a module and finally it was

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