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DEP Bypass: Mini HTTPD Server 1.2

In my “Writing exploit on win32 from scratch: Mini HTTPD Server 1.2” blog post, I pointed that we were working on a Windows SP SP3 box with no DEP (data execution prevention). That’s not real, Windows XP SP3 has DEP,

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From exploit to Metasploit: Mini HTTPD Sever 1.2

This post is to explain how to convert our Mini HTTPD Server 1.2 Exploit to a Metasploit module gaining a lot of flexibility to chose our payloads and targets (once defined in the module of course). Here there is an

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Mini HTTPD 1.2 Exploit writing from scratch.

Introduction Some time ago since I wrote my last post cause lately between work, trainings, conferences and some software development my “Free Time” suffered a “Buffer Overflow”. But hey, now found some time and I decided to create the first

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